NOVEMBER 16, 2014


Meeting called to order by Chairman Rick Harvey at 9:45.


Chairman Harvey provided an overview of the events leading up to the suspension of Post 79 from the program. Post 79 Commander Sam Coldwell spoke of the positive history of Post 79 baseball and the willingness of the current leadership to work with the Dept. Baseball Committee to ensure compliance with all rules and regulations. Post 79 Commander also stated that they have the necessary finances and the support of the local community to field a baseball team with an all-new coaching staff. Russ Spaulding and Ken Desjardins would provide the leadership and direction. Chairman Harvey discussed communication violations and other rules violations by Post 79. Post commander stated that the lack in sharing the critical information at the Post level was cause of missed opportunities for Post 79 to address the Baseball committee at prior meetings. Charlie LeVeille addressed the board and after continued discussions it was mutually agree upon that Post 79 had served their punishment for rules infractions. The purpose of addressing the Baseball Committee was for reinstatement into the baseball program. Chairman Harvey thanked Post 79 commander, Russ Spaulding, Ken Desjardins and Charlie LeVeille for addressing the committee. Correspondence to be sent to Post 79 after the committee rules on franchise request.


After lengthy discussion about the affect of adding another senior team in the program a motion made by Pete St. Pierre was made to deny a senior franchise request and approve a junior franchise. The motion was seconded by Steve Hernandez. The will of the committee is to have Post 79 reestablish their team within the junior program and evolve into the senior program after a solid foundation has been re built. Motion passed unanimously.


Chairman Harvey stated that Frank Ulcickas with Friends of Southern NH Youth Athletics would host the 2015 senior state tournament at Holman Stadium in Nashua. Dates are July 24, 2015 to July 29, 2015. Gary Webster will work on contract document. Motion made by Jay Hunnewell to accept tournament request. A second was made by Steve Hernandez. Motion passed unanimously.


Chairman Harvey indicated that no one has stepped up to host the junior tournament. Gill stadium has been secured and if no one volunteers to host tournament the baseball committee will run the tournament the week following the senior tournament.


Chairman Harvey discussed a zone playoff system for the junior program and will send out information to coaches for feedback.


Rick also informed the committee that we are authorized to change the state tournament format for the senior program. A double elimination bracket was reviewed and will be adopted for the 2015 senior tournament.  The junior program will also adopt the same tournament format.


Chairman Harvey informed the committee that National would allow departments to adjust waiver rule. A stricter waiver rule will reduce confusion and simplify the administrative process. Motion made by Jay Hunnewell to modify waiver rule to a one-time waiver for players age 16 and over at the senior program only. A second was made by Gary Webster. Motion passed unanimously. Players changing school or domicile will be permitted another one time waiver in accordance with National rules.


Umpire fees and arbiter program was discussed. Motion by Gary Webster to revert the mandatory minimum for juniors to $65.00 for juniors during regular season and tournaments and leave the mandatory minimum at$80.00 for senior regular season games with the senior tournament fees to be at the discretion of the umpire in chief and tournament chairman. The tournament fees will be communicated to umpires prior to working the tournament. Motion second and passed unanimously.


Chairman Harvey informed the committee that Post 2 had withdrawn its junior team from the program. Goffstown Post 16 and Hudson Post 48 submitted a new team request form.  A motion was made by Steve Hernandez to award new team franchises in the junior program to Hudson and Goffstown. A second was made by Don Holmquist. Motion passed with one no vote.


Chairman Harvey discussed the possibility of fine system for coaches suspended for being ejected from games. After light discussion Pete St Pierre moved to table this agenda item until the next meeting. Motion second and passed.


The committee agreed that the make ups and forfeits section of our state rule book needs better enforcement and that fines may be a way to encourage teams to make up rainouts as directed within the rule book. No action taken.


Steve Hernandez continues to develop the background check system and hopes to finalize in January. A form #5 will be used to add new coaches after final roster has been submitted. Teams will be required to conduct background checks through the system taking minimizing the burden on the baseball committee.


There was a discussion on minimum number of players for a legion team to have on its roster. The spirit of rule to enforce a minimum number of players rostered is to avoid games needing to be rescheduled or forfeited due to lack of players. It is recommended that teams roster at least 15 players especially when having dual rostered players.


Meeting adjourned 11:55 


Respectfully,        Legion Baseball Vice-Chairman - Jay Hunnewell