Department of NH American Legion Baseball

Minutes of November 4, 2012 Meeting

Hudson Post 48


Meeting called to order by Chairman Webster at 10:00am

Members present:  Gary Webster, Jay Hunnewell, Rick Harvey, Eddie Keefe, Jim Dupont, Bob Wyman, Don Holmquist, Averil Cate, Tony Rabbia

Gary discussed mandate from National organization that Departments will be required to do criminal background checks on baseball coaches. Gary will do checks on existing coaches utilizing an Internet program.

Chairman Webster informed the committee of the insurance rates for participating teams.  Also we are listing the state and national fees. The senior program will pay the following seasonal fees: Accident Insurance – $160.00, Liability Insurance – $145.00, Administrative Fee – $10.00, State Fee – $50.00 and National Fee – $50.00 for a total of $415.00.  The junior program will pay the following seasonal fees: Accident Insurance – $140.00, Liability Insurance – $100.00, Administrative Fee – $10.00, State Fee – $25.00 and National Fee – $25.00 for a total of $300.00.  Teams not having insurance by the May 15th deadline will be fined $200 from National.

Had a Discussion about Legion teams playing Non Legion baseball teams. After brief discussion it was determined that playing non-Legion baseball programs should be discouraged. There are plenty of Legion teams to schedule games with in an already short season.

Gary informed the committee that Milford and Raymond would not participate in the senior baseball program in 2013.  Alton has also dropped it senior team and will now have a junior team only.  District A and B will be realigned and teams will play each team within their District twice. The top four teams in each District will qualify for the State Tournament. District alignments will be released at a later date.

Newmarket and Meredith were added to the junior program. Milford also intends to re-enter a junior team next year.  Junior re-alignment has taken place (see our web page).

Gary noted that the Plymouth baseball team had not completed their 2012 season and would be suspended from participation in 2013. After lengthy discussion about the Plymouth program not finishing their season for three years in a row, a motion was made by Jay Hunnewell to fine the Plymouth franchise $300 and impose a $300 security deposit upon reinstatement. The $300 security deposit will be returned to Plymouth upon completion of the season schedule in which they are reinstated. This motion was second by Rick Harvey and passed unanimously. Gary will draft and send letter to Plymouth with details and instructions for appeal process and reinstatement.

Chairman Webster provided committee members with correspondence between Post 79 and National. Post 79 has repeatedly jumped chain of command by reaching out to National without prior approval from Department Chairman.  Gary will draft a letter and send to Post 79 commander. The committee agreed that we do not want to hurt the kids by suspending the team from participation but some form of disciplinary measure is needed.

Registration deadline for returning teams that intend to participate in the 2013 baseball season is January 20th, 2013.

Gary is looking to secure Holman Stadium for the Jr. Tournament. After some discussion, Averil Cate offered to look into getting use of Memorial Field in Concord to host Jr. Tournament. Averil will check with Concord Parks Department and communicate with Rick Harvey.

Chairman Webster provided correspondence from The Mayor of Nashua and outgoing National Baseball program Director Jim Quinlan.

Rick Harvey discussed the waiver process and how it is the parents that are the major cause of the problems with obtaining the waivers. Rick suggested that the Manager/Coaches be the ones that ask for and acquire waivers.

Rick also suggested that all tryout information be submitted for posting on the baseball website. Having each team’s tryout information may help with the waiver process as all players are required to tryout prior to being released. Rick also suggested that players trying out be required to fill out and sign a Form #2 at or before tryout date. Jay Hunnewell made motion to require all players to sign a form #2 at or before tryouts. Motion seconded by Ed Keefe. Motion passed unanimously. Having players sign form #2 at tryout reduces risk to American Legion Baseball and eliminates the need for coaches to get paperwork from players later.

Averil Cate asked about waivers for players that wish to participate in other non-Legion Baseball sporting events. Waivers should be dealt with on a team-by-team basis during the regular season. Teamwork and commitment are core principles of the Legion Baseball program. Players missing games during tournament play to participate in other sports may be disqualified for the remainder of the tournament.

Umpire Steve Drescher has expressed interest in helping out with recruiting, retaining and certifying the umpires. Gary will keep us posted on any developments.

Bob Wyman will have Keene tournament information after the local committee meets over the next few weeks.

Gary talked about Goffstown’s unsportsmanlike behavior at the championship game and will send a letter to Kent Nolan Commander at Post #16, to address the issue with the senor team staff.

With no further business to be brought before the committee, the meeting adjourned 11:55am.

Respectfully, Jay Hunnewell - Department Vice-Chairman