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ALB Baseball Scholarship

Forming A New Legion Baseball Team

This is the form you need to fill out and submit to our NH Legion Baseball Chairman when you want to make a
request to start a new American Legion Baseball team. This form is for the Prep, Junior and Senior program.

NH Legion Tournament Contract

This is the form you need to fill out and submit to our NH Legion Baseball Chairman when you want to make a
bid to host a NH Legion Baseball State Tournament. This form is for both the Junior and Senior program.

2023 Form #2 - Player Agreement/Player Profile

This form has to be filled out by every ballplayer each year they play Legion baseball. If a
player is dual-rostered, he must have a Form #2 with both the Junior and Senior team.

Umpire Evaluation Form

National Form #76 - Player Transfer Form

This form is used if a player is cut or waived from one team to another. The managers/coaches
of the teams involved team must have this filled out completely and attached to that player's paperwork.

National Form #77 - Team Declaration Form

This form is used for a player who is new to a prep, junior or senior team.
It is filled out the first year that player plays for that team. This form
is to be attached to the Form 2 and handed in with that teams paperwork.

ALB Pitch Count Chart

The use of our pitching log form will be mandatory for each game played during the regular season. This log will be maintained by each
team during each game for all pitchers used by each team. Pitch counts will be confirmed by each team after each half inning. A designated
coach for each team will sign off on each teamsÕ log after each game is completed. Each team is responsible for keeping these logs available
upon request by either the Baseball Chairman or Vice Chariman until the whole season is completed including each state tournament.

National Form #6 - Request For Dual Participation Form

The use of the National Form #6 will be mandatory for all players who are
participating for another baseball program during our legion baseball season.
These forms shall be submitted with each teams other paperwork.

National Form Request For Use Of American Legion Name Or Emblem On Merchandise

This form is for an official request for use of American Legion name or emblem on merchandise.