Prep Tourney 2023

The top two prep teams from District A and B regular season play will qualify for play in the Department Tournament.

Host: Department of NH Baseball Committee
Location: Robbie Mills Park, Laconia, NH

Tournament Schedule

Monday August 7th to Thursday August 10th (Rain Date Friday August 11th)

Format: Straight Double-Elimination Format
For games 1 and 2, 1st seeds home team. For games 3, 4 and 5, flip for home.
For game 6, undefeated team home. For game 7, winner of game 6 is home.

Tournament Chairman: Junior Director and Baseball Chairman Rick Harvey

MON. AUGUST 7 Game 1 4:00 Seed A2 vs. Seed B1
MON. AUGUST 7 Game 2 6:30 Seed B2 vs. Seed A1
TUE. AUGUST 8 Game 3 4:00 LG1 vs. LG2
TUE. AUGUST 8 Game 4 6:30 WG1 vs. WG2
WED. AUGUST 9 Game 5 5:00 WG3 vs. LG4
THUR. AUGUST 10 Game 6 4:00 WG4vs. WG5
THUR. AUGUST 11 Game 7 6:30 WG6 vs. LG6 If Game

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