American Legion Baseball
Northeast Region 1-- Junior Regional Homepage

Welcome to the homepage for the Northeast Region 1--Junior American Legion Baseball Annual Tournament. This page will be
updated each and every year depending on which state is hosting the tournament. We hope this page will provide useful information
for all who are participating in the tournament. If you have any questions, please email our web administrator who will answer your questions,
or direct you to the person who can answer your questions. An updated tournament rotation has been established by the Northeast Legion Chairman.
This rotation will be Rockland, MA in 2016, Maine in 2017, Connecticut in 2018, New Hampshire in 2019, New York in 2021 and Connecticut in 2022.

2022 Tournament Facility Location: Nevers/Rotary Parks - South Windsor, CT
Friday, August 5th through Sunday, August 7th.


Connecticut State Champ
Danbury Post #60
State Contact: David Greenleaf
Cell: (860) 919-2783
E-mail: davidgreenleaf@hotmail.com
Team Contact: Joe Hackert
Cell: 914-980-1693
E-mail: Joe Hackert
New Hampshire State Champ
Berlin Post #36
State Contact: Rick Harvey
Cell: (603) 767-0477
E-mail: nhlegionbaseball@gmail.com
Team Contact: Duane Johnson
Cell: 603-915-3997
E-mail: Duane Johnson

New York State Champ
Whitestown, NY Post #1113
State Contact: Mike Macchione
Cell: (315)-404-7499
E-mail: nysalb@gmail.com
Team Contact: Frank Centro
Cell: 607-422-0066
E-mail: Frank Centro
Massachusetts State Champ
Sandwich, MA Post #188
State Contact: Dick Paster
Cell: (617) 823-5576
E-mail: rpaster@prclawoffice.com
Team Contact: Arthur Jolin
Cell: 401-749-1055
E-mail: Art Jolin
Rhode Island State Champ
Upper Deck Post #86/14
State Contact: Dave Rathbun
Cell: (401) 527-0793
E-mail: d.rathbun@cox.net
Team Contact: Tyler Thomas
Cell: 401-829-5248
E-mail: Tyler Thomas
Connecticut State Host
South Windsor Post #133
State Contact: David Greenleaf
Cell: Cell: (860) 919-2783
E-mail: davidgreenleaf@hotmail.com
Team Contact: Adam & Tyler
Cell: 914-749-0799 & 914-944-8035
E-mail: Adam & Tyler

Rhode Island State Runner-Up
Cranston Post #20
State Contact: Dave Rathbun
Cell: (401) 527-0793
E-mail: d.rathbun@cox.net
Team Contact: Don Ceseretti
Cell: 401-536-5880
E-mail: Don Ceseretti
Massachusetts State Runner-Up
Wilbraham, MA Post #286
State Contact: Dick Paster
Cell: (617) 823-5576
E-mail: rpaster@prclawoffice.com
Team Contact: Timothy Doyle
Cell: 413-244-0654
E-mail: Timothy Doyle

At Least a Two Game Guarantee For Each Participant

Pre-Game Procedures/Tourney Rules

This tournament will follow the bat rules as written in the ALB Rule Book

This tournament will follow ALB and MLB rules as written. Please remember these following rules:

Designated Hitter for pitcher only.
Re-entry is not allowed.
Courtesy Runners are not allowed.
Pitching Rules as written in ALB Rulebook

FRI. AUG. 5 GAME 1 12:30 Rotary CT Host vs. MA Champs Sandwich, MA 5 - South Windsor, CT 2
FRI. AUG. 5 GAME 2 3:30 Rotary NY Champ vs. MA Runner-Ups Whitestown, NY 14 - Wilbraham, MA 3
FRI. AUG. 5 GAME 3 4:30 Nevers NH Champ vs. RI Runner-Ups Berlin, NH 13 - Cranston, RI 0
FRI. AUG. 5 GAME 4 6:30 Rotary CT Champs vs. RI Champ Danbury, CT 8 - Upper Deck, RI 1
SAT. AUG. 6 GAME 5 9:30 Rotary LG3 Cranston, RI vs. LG4 vs. Upper Deck, RI Cranston, RI 13 - Upper Deck, RI 7
SAT. AUG. 6 GAME 6 12:30 Rotary LG1 So. Windsor, CT vs. LG2 Wilbraham, MA Wilbraham, MA 7 - So. Windsor, CT 2
SAT. AUG. 6 GAME 7 3:30 Rotary WG3 Berlin, NH vs. WG4 Danbury, CT Danbury, CT 10 - Berlin, NH 0
SAT. AUG. 6 GAME 8 6:30 Rotary WG1 Sandwich, MA vs. WG2 Whitestown, NH Sandwich, MA 6 - Whitestown, NY 5
SUN AUG. 7 GAME 9 10:00 Rotary LG7 Berlin, NH vs. LG8 Whitestown, NY Whitestown, NY 15 - Berlin, NH 12
SUN AUG. 7 GAME 10 1:00 Rotary WG7 Danbury, CT vs. WG8 Sandwich, MA Sandwich, MA 5 - Danbury, CT 3

2022 Champion - Sandwich, MA - Post #188
2nd Place - Danbury, CT - Post #60
3rd Place - Whitestown, NY Post - #1113
4th Place - Berlin, NH - Post #36


Tournament Director: Craig Zimmerman
Cell: 860-670-5224 - E-mail:
Craig Zimmerman

Regional Website
New Hampshire American Legion Baseball - Regional Host Site:
NH American Legion Baseball

Tournament Fee: $350.00 and 1 dozen baseballs/team
Checks payable to: Connecticut American Legion Baseball
Mail to : 5A Amato Dr. South Windsor, CT 06074

50/50 Raffles Held During Each Game To Help Defray Tournament Costs

Hotel Reservations:

There is no designated host hotel. There are many hotels within five miles of
the park. The only discount you might get is to mention you are in town for the
American Legion Junior Regional Baseball Tournament being held in South Windsor.

Tournament Facility Location:
Nevers Park - South Windsor, CT
Directions: Nevers/Rotary Parks